That was my Love's reaction when I came home from the fabric store this afternoon, having discovered what I thought was a lovely piping combo for some new accent pillows in the making.

It's nothing new, this hesitant, surprised sounding, "Really?"

Violet here, received the same response. 

She's my new JunkBonanza puppy, named by my 3 year old daughter. I bought her at the show a few weeks ago.  I certainly didn't need her but she had me at hello.  

I don't take the "Really?" personally. And whether he likes something I drag home or not, I'm really very lucky as Love doesn't raise much of a fuss.  For the 15 years we have been living together he's let me edit our home with finds mostly old. He's made plenty of u-turns for things I've seen curbside. He's learned that the post card section of any antique mall can generally hold his attention while I scope a place out. And he's given up hope on the basement/garage remaining antique free. 

In that same amount of time, I've learned that it is best if I just hang all the pictures, mirrors and drapery rods myself. 

I'm Jen, by the way. Welcome to my blog and the start of my new venture, Fine & Dandy Vintage Living.

The place isn't decorated yet, as you can see. I hope to have a blog house warming party for the big reveal by the end of the year. Excuse the lack of anything decorative in the meantime!  Trust me: this place has great bones! Can’t you just imagine the potential?

While I'm decorating behind-the-scenes, I'll have a few months to properly introduce myself and catch you up to speed on all things Fine & Dandy!