A Pretty Night's Sleep

I've been looking for new bed linens for months now.

Our bed sports a white duvet.  So I like my sheets to be pretty. Fold over-able.  I prefer a pattern. It seems pretty clear to me after searching that I'm not the norm. Go figure. And honestly, I don't care that much about thread count and all that. The look and the price are the things that matter most to me.

The results of my research:

I first tried Target and T.J. Maxx first, hoping for some John Robshaw lookalikes or something. No luck.

(Please. John Robshaw. I beg of you a Target partnership. Love your designs. But my washer cost less than your sheet sets.)

Real deal John Robshaw:

Just shy of $500 for a Queen sheet set before tax and shipping.

$170 & $210 respectively for Queen sheet sets. I'm really loving the Pink Florentine on the left.

$148 Queen Set

$228  / $198 Queen Sets

$92 Queen Set. I love both the sky blue and the driftwood colorways.

I was disappointed that these were only available in flannel. But a fresh take on flannel sheeting!
$172 Queen Sheet Set

$60 (on sale) Queen Set

I was about to put the last set in my shopping cart to purchase until my husband glanced over at me. 
And frowned.