Little Women

We have so many little women in this house.

There's Charlotte, above, our newest resident, having come from my grandmother's estate. She was made by my father's aunt, Garnet Moore Keeney, an artist who spent most of her adult life in Arizona. The figure's dark hair and delicate features remind me of photos I've seen of my Grandmother Charlotte as a young woman.

There's Zora.

She always had a spot in my maternal grandmother's home. I love her dreamlike quality. Relaxed, barefoot. Now, she looks out over me and the girls and my husband as we eat our meals in the dining room every day.

And then there are these two gals.

Vintage painted ladies, random Etsy purchases. The fair haired girl was first. I love how that painting is framed so low and off center. I love her pale blue blouse and the pink background. The blue lady up top came from the same seller and at first I wasn't sure....she looked more amateur...but I've grown to really like her too and she's a great companion. They're always hanging out by my secretary desk.

The true stars in the collection though are these three.