Our Summer List

Catch fireflies.
Tally rainbows.
Make ice cream.
Ride a horse, whenever possible.
Pick strawberries.
Ride our bikes.
Playdates with school friends.
Playdates with mommy and daddy's friends.
Camp in the backyard at the cottage. For practice. 
Sand dunes.
Sand castles.
Make time for dates. Cheap ones.
Free ones.
Sit under the moon. 
Ride a boat.
Fall asleep in the sun.
With sunscreen on.
Put the cell phones away.
Walk through a cornfield.
Don't go too far.
Go to the Zoo.
A lot.
Hike new trails.
Make new trails.
And a fort.
Catch a frog or a turtle.
Visit for a short while.
Three! Birthday cakes!
Friday night family walks to the playground.
Star gaze.
Saturday morning Farmer's Market breakfasts.
Learn to swim. Once and for all.
That means you.
Backyard bonfire in the City, once a month.
Bonfire at the cottage, every night.
Homemade pizza with our own basil and tomatoes.
Host a Lemonade Stand.
Star gaze.
Visit The Farm.
Pretend we live there. 
Cheeseburgers at PC Junction afterwards.*
(*Paid for by the Lemonade Stand.)
Hunt for driftwood. 
Craft Projects twice monthly. 
Get messy.
Star gaze. Some more.
Go to the State Fair.
Send Zoe off to sea.
Promise to throw her a stick any time we find ourselves at the water's edge.
Star gaze again.
Remind ourselves that summer won't last forever.
Find more heart shaped rocks.