Junk Bonanza, My Haul

Seems pretty pitiful after all the photos of things I didn't buy, doesn't it? 

I soaked up loads of inspiration from Junk Bonanza, but the reality was I had to stick to my list and buy within a budget. And these purchases made me very, very happy!

I bought everything in my first sweep of the place! 

The little end table was much needed for one end of my living room. I love the distressed, antique blue/Swedish influence in the finish and the lines were lovely.  It was from Beth McIntyre, Wicked Stitches

Image via Decor Demon

I didn't get a photo, but Beth had an amazing dresser painted just like the one in designer Betsy Burnham’s Los Angeles home. If I had a baby boy, that would be a must have, and while I consider myself a DIYer, this one seems a bit to tricky for my taste!

The painting was not on my list. It was a heart stopper for me and from Green Cricket Salvage. Another Beth, and she's from Madison, Wisconsin. I loved her tennis racket mirrors, too. She has a cute blog and Etsy shop. 

The lockers and numbered bucket are for my future laundry room project, more on that later. You previously met my chalkware dog, Violet.  

The letters, F (as in Fine)  and D (you guessed it, Dandy!) are super heavy and you'll see more of them. I just need to find an ampersand but apparently those are hard to come by!

In previous junking outings,  I've just walked past the vintage clocks. But the one I found at Junk Bonanza had such great lines and my accent color, a lovely spa blue. So happy I could bring this one home. In hindsight,  just wish I'd snapped up more of the great old clocks and the vendor's name.

Image by David Prince for Martha Stewart Living, January 2003

It got me to thinking of a photo I'd saved from way back in Martha Stewart Living and always wanted to implement....a full mantle of clocks for New Year's Eve!

Onto the next search!