Under the Weather

Hello? Hello? Yes, I'm here, I'm here! Oh goodness me. So sorry I'm late!

I'm going to blame the cause of my long absence or tardiness on blog posts on...motherhood... A 17 month old who has discovered my keyboard. A 4 year old who wants to play "fort" under my legs whenever I sit down.  Top that off with the holiday madness and two weeks of in-law relatives staying with us and I was mentally kaput.

But here I am. With a nasty cold. But ready to get back on track. Yesterday I took 2 hot showers to ease congestion.

Unfortunately, not in this shower. I wish this was my shower. It's not.

Sorry, this is one of those oldies from the files...I don't remember where...

At present, our current sole full bath is also our master bath and the whole room might just fit within the confines of the aforementioned dream shower.

The one redeeming feature in our bathroom had been Kelly Wrestler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper in the soft aqua colorway. A huge investment, oddly, for such a small room.  But at present, it is peeling off the wall and sort of corroding to make a long story short. Perhaps not the best choice for a bathroom. Just so you know. But Imperial Trellis is "out" anyway, right?

That's it for now...the 4 year old is getting rowdy underneath the fort walls...