Dear Santa

I would like to drink hot cocoa in these

Actually, they'd come in quite handy in making me feel special while drinking my morning coffee. 

This is becoming more routine, the morning coffee, since I've become mother of the three kiddos that you are watching 24/7 from your special Santa Spy Satellite. 

And if you were feeling generous, I see that Karin Lorenc, potter fantabulous,  has what might be some matching cereal bowls. That way, everyone in my family could feel special.  Perhaps she'd do matching dinner plates someday, with blue on the underside. 

They're so ME. Classic on the outside, with my can't-go-wrong-white. 
And smile-inducing blue on the inside. 

Found in Karin Lorenc's Etsy Store, here
Karin, you are my kind of potter, girl!