Junk Bonanza, Part Deux: The Ones I Let Slip Away

Old Hi-Lex Bleach sign. This would have been so great in my laundry room / basement redo. If you’re the vendor from this booth & no one else snatched it up…call me!

I can’t justify everything. Quite a few times at Junk Bonanza, I had that initial ping.

Like a moth to a flame.

Oh! How neat! How pretty! Wow!

The internal conversation with myself usually continues down one of three paths.

a) If I had the money that would be mine.  No question!

b) Seriously. I do not need this. What would I even do with it?  Oh. Yeah. That.

c) I have no idea why I like this.  I’m weird.  Walk. Away.

And sometimes, on occasion…

d) None of the above.  I don’t care. This one will give me nightmares if it is not mine. Now.

Which very well could be one of the primary culprits behind the start of Fine & Dandy.  I’m not confirming or denying.

Here are the ones I left behind. (Cue sad music)

Drat! I want that cupola!

I think the pair of these chairs were $95. Gorgeous!

I would not like this piece had it not been painted. The color is lovely and it just caught my eye. About four times.

Loved this glider and the traditional/modern dichotomy that the finish gave off.

Oh! These shapes! I’m part Irish!  
In hindsight, this would be such a great backdrop display piece for Fine & Dandy.

A potting bench like this could inspire a gal to garden more. Might change the color, but loved the lines.

These fell into the "Am I weird?" category. But I liked them. 

Only $39 as I recall for this star (ya, the one behind the tree!) and it was the old, real deal. 
Pretty over a classic beach house fireplace.

Clock face was only $39 as well.

The chickens drew me over - $55 for the set of 3, how fun for a brunch tablescape! Then I began inspecting that metal table they were on. That was only $65!

That plain ice bucket and wine bottle holder, just lovely.

Cute stainless planter for a nice wide kitchen window sill.

Next up: My Junk Bonanza Treasures