Pretty, Kid-Friendly Dining Room Chairs

I currently have a combo of white slipcovered chairs and Ikea's white Ingolf chair at our dining room table.  The pair of Ikea chairs came into play when I realized my little girls would be wiping their hands (and coloring) on the slipcovers more than even I could keep up with on the washing/bleaching front.  

The look remains classic and clean but still a girl gets to dreaming. Those blue and white bistro style chairs which I love, however, might just have too many crevices! 

I never thought I'd consider a dark brown upholstery like Katie Lee Joel's chairs in her Nate Berkus designed apartment, above, but maybe? And the kids could wipe their hands on the fabric and you... might not know? 

The Novogratz home - featured on Bravo's 9 by Design - had a similar style chair - upholstered in white pleather. Really pretty amazing idea, and with seven kids, they should know! Much more practical than just hoping a dark color "hides" the dirt. 

That table top looks pretty indestructible, too. 

Image via Made by Girl by Jill Slater

For now, I'll keep bleaching and the Magic Eraser is always close by. And in another ten years, maybe we'd be ready for something like this? 

Gwynn Duggan

Who am I kidding? More like twenty years....