Junk Bonanza, Part I

A few weeks ago, I attended my first Junk Bonanza. Last year, I had a one month old baby around the time of the show, so logistics (like healing from childbirth) have just gotten in the way previously.

Not this year. In 2010, Junk Bonanza was marked as firmly on my calendar as important holidays and family gatherings. I even managed the expectation with Love that I would be spending just a teensy bit of moola. (I’m not always as forthright in these matters.)

Needless to say, Junk Bonanza was amazing.  As many bloggers have noted, there were so many incredible things that it was difficult to focus and yet, it was so inspiring.

At one point, I ran into Ki Nassauer, the brains behind Junk Bonanza. Beaming ear to ear, I thanked her and told her I felt like a kid at Christmas time.  Ki, my Santa.

I heard from a few vendors behind the scenes, that Ki and her crew are trying to gage interest for a spring Junk Bonanza.  I hope this happens!

I’ll let my pictures do the rest of the talking.
I managed to get there before the doors even opened! 

Ms. Macs Antiques had one of the best booths visually in my opinion, with great stuff. The “man of the booth” spent a great deal of time building the booth structure…

Including this amazing back wall that resembled tin clapboard.  
And hello? The fish was pretty amazing.

This poor gal had a broken arm but she was still striking and you have to wonder about her past.

Old ceiling tins. I have one I bought years ago that I just love. I noticed these looked like they were coated with perhaps a poly spray to keep the pesky lead based paint intact. Good idea, noted, although I think I would use a matte poly. 

I’m usually not a fan of something this “shabby” but this caught my eye. Wouldn’t it make a fun nightstand in the right room, even in a more modern setting? Just a bit unexpected.

The industrial, galvanized metal look was everywhere.

As were locker baskets, buckets and medical cabinets.

This bucket of silverware nearly prompted me to sit on the floor.

A pair of neat old "Resort" signs.

Just loved the coloring on this little guy. 
And if you could make him “chill” wouldn’t he be a darling accessory for your next summer party? 

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