What I'd do...If I had a million dollars...

With our goal of moving there full time, I have been looking at real estate in Door County for about 3 years now.

Looking leads to dreaming...so let's play a game.

If I could buy this historic hotel in our favorite village:

I'd keep the historic bones and lines of the place but update with a shingled, Cape Code twist, while enlarging the windows, making that second story balcony functional and adding central air so we could lose the window air conditioners. And we should take advantage of the lake proximity and views by adding a rooftop deck somewhere. Think glass of wine at sunset. 

I'd turn this egh, outdated, let's not hang out here, Holly Hobby lobby...

 into an inviting, beachy room where you could grab a nearby book to read, have a snack and relax. 

Furnishings would be comprised of new comfy, slipcovered upholstery and an edited collection of antique accent tables, desks and the like. With a little bit of glam here and there, in unexpected places like the staircase railing. 

For artwork, I'd use vintage paintings, photographs and maps of Door County people and places.  

There would be plenty of fresh food and drink to start and close the day. 

And I'd of course update the guest rooms from this...

to something along these lines...

Voila! A new boutique hotel in Door County, the likes of which hasn't been seen there yet. At this point, I'd put my PR hat back on and invite the travel writers and editors for a weekend.

Current asking price, before my remodel, is only $235,000! Seven guest suites plus owners quarters (let's lose those and add guest rooms, we've got a hefty remodel to pay for). 

There's also lake shore access and a boat slip. 

You know what that means? We can add one of these!

What do you think? 

(Ya, I've just taken the JK Place Hotel interiors in Capri and smooshed them into a tiny hotel in Door County, Wisconsin. Inspiration is inspiration!)

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